How to avoid the wetness and deterioration of magnesium hydroxide
Jul 23, 2018

Magnesium hydroxide is also known as alkali magnesite, light burnt magnesia, which is a colorless, hexagonal column crystal or white powder. Magnesium hydroxide is very easy to wet and deteriorate. This is also known to many people, so it has strict access. Requirements.

1. The environment is basic. It is necessary to adhere to monotonous storage conditions and leaks that require the ground and a layer of plastic to keep the product between moisture.

2. Packing and sealing. Open and seal in time.

3. The moisture resistance of the place after the lime block is coded, this is another way to prevent moisture absorption and to avoid reducing the activity of magnesium oxide.

4. Magnesium hydroxide has a shelf life. So don't pile up too much, because even if the moisture is how to achieve a good, long-term future, it will inevitably lead to the transformation of magnesium hydroxide.

As long as these precautions can cause us enough attention, the wetness and deterioration of magnesium hydroxide can be avoided as much as possible.

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