Magnesium hydroxide coating modification
Aug 16, 2018

Magnesium hydroxide formula is H2MgO2. There are large amount of acidic hydrophilic group-hydroxyl on the surface of magnesium hydroxide

Absorption of a lot of water by hydroxyl groups is the cause of the “agglomeration” of magnesium hydroxide. Because of the hydrophilic and oleophobic properties of high purity magnesium hydroxide, it has poor compatibility and poor dispersibility in polymer matrix materials and the mechanical properties of the products have been seriously affected. So Top Chemical have been researching how to improve the coating modification of high purity magnesium hydroxide.


At present, Top Chemical can achieve the modification rate of magnesium hydroxide to 99%.

Our main modifiers such as silane coupling agent, fatty acid coupling agent, unsaturated fatty acid coupling agent, titanate coupling agent, aluminate coupling agent etc.

The modified magnesium hydroxide can better fuse with polymer materials. Not only can it achieve a good flame retardant effect, but also can not affect the physical properties of the material.

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