Magnesium present state
Jul 23, 2018

Magnesium oxide products generally contain three states, namely, under-burned, over-fired and activated magnesium oxide. What are the differences between the three states of magnesium oxide?

1. The so-called under-burned product refers to some magnesium carbonate without magnesium oxide. If there is more than-burned product, the burning vector will be too high, and the processed magnesite product will condense at a very fast speed, which will lead to the appearance of magnesite products. Burst, deformation, etc.

2. Over-burned products refer to magnesia that has been burnt over. If it is too much, it will not be solidified when it is formed with magnesium chloride to form oxychloride. It is often said that it does not react and does not condense.

3, active magnesium oxide, the building industry is mainly required to the content of active magnesium oxide, if the content of active magnesium oxide is not enough, it can not fully react with the chloride ion in magnesium chloride, the anti-alkali anti-halogen will appear after the molding of magnesite products The phenomenon.

The presence of magnesium oxide determines his different applications. I hope that today's introduction will help you to understand magnesium oxide.

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