Why can magnesium hydroxide be used as a flame retardant?
Jul 23, 2018

We all know that there are many items that are actually very low in self-ignition. So in order to prevent them from burning spontaneously, we will add some flame retardants. Why can magnesium hydroxide be used as a flame retardant? Here is the explanation for the mystery of this.

Magnesium hydroxide is a new type of filled flame retardant. It releases the bound water when it is decomposed by heat and absorbs a large amount of latent heat to reduce the surface temperature of the synthetic material it fills in the flame, which inhibits polymer decomposition and The generated combustible gas acts to cool.

1. Magnesium oxide produced by the combustion of magnesium hydroxide is a kind of high-strength and high-heat-resistant material. It can be used as a protective wall to isolate fire source and toxic and harmful gases. The neutralization ability of magnesium hydroxide and acid is strong. Quickly neutralize the acid gases SO2, NOx, CO2, etc. produced by the plastic combustion process;

2. The particle size distribution is uniform, the compatibility with the substrate is good, and the mechanical properties of the product are small;

3, magnesium hydroxide has high decomposition ability, high flame retardant efficiency, strong smoke suppression ability, low hardness, small friction to equipment, and helps to extend equipment life;

4, magnesium hydroxide thermal decomposition temperature of 340 ° C, 100 ° C higher than aluminum hydroxide, is conducive to plastic processing temperature increase, speed up extrusion, improve plasticization effect, shorten molding time, product surface gloss is high, avoid Produces surface defects while ensuring superior peel strength;

5. Magnesium hydroxide is low in price. Magnesium hydroxide is half the price of aluminum hydroxide. The filling amount is large, which can effectively reduce the cost of the product.

The advantages of magnesium hydroxide indicate that it is very suitable for flame retardants.

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