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Beginning Of Winter
Nov 07, 2018

"Beginning of Winter" is the first solar term to enter the winter season, starting from November 7th or 8th of each year to 22nd or 23rd. "Beginning of Winter" is the beginning of a new season on the lunar calendar, like "Beginning of Spring", "Beginning of Summer" and "Beginning of Autumn". Our people generally regard this day as the beginning of winter. Of course, the winter in the meteorological sense has not arrived yet, and people still feels like in the late autumn.

Beginning of Winter

There are some following customs for "Beginning of Winter"

Eat dumplings

"Beginning of Winter" has the meaning of autumn harvest and winter collecting, China used to be a farming society, and people who have worked hard whole year take a break on this day, and reward their family for the hard work of the year. There is a saying that "to make up the winter and make up the mouth", which is the best metaphor. In the south of China, people love to eat chicken, duck and fish. In Taiwan, all seats of restaurant with 'mutton stove' and 'ginger duck' on the street is occupied by many guests. Many families also cook sesame oil chicken and four chickens to replenish energy.

Winter swimming

Interestingly, the way to celebrate the winter has also been innovated. In Harbin, on the winter day, the athletes of the Heilongjiang Winter Swimming Association crossed the Songhua River to welcome the coming of winter in this way.

Winter learning

The longest winter night, and the slack season, it is the best time to do "winter learning" in this season.

Make up winter

When people are still enjoying the warmth of autumn, the time has come to November quickly, and the winter is still coming. "Beginning of Winter", as the first solar term in winter, around the November 8th of each year, all activities tend to stop, preparing for the coming of Spring. Although humans do not have the idea of hibernation, the folks have the custom of making up wintering. In the best period of this tonic, people do diet therapy to against coldness. On this day, people in the South and the North supplemented the wild and wild tastes in different ways, so that they can resist the cold in the winter.

Winter is coming, it’s getting cold, please keep yourself warm!

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