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Frosts Descent
Oct 23, 2018


Frost's descent is one of the 24 solar terms, the last solar term of autumn, which means the beginning of winter. At this time of year, people tend to eat health-preserving food such as Chinese yam and pay attention to wearing more clothes as well.

It contains the meaning that the weather gets colder and the first frost appears. Especially at night, there is a large heat dissipation on the ground and the temperature difference is big. Since the vapor in the air condenses into tiny ice needles on the ground or vegetation, sometimes into hexagonal frost flowers, which are white and loosely structured.

Frosts Descent

Local customs

In some areas of China, red persimmon is eaten during frost's descent. From the views of local people, it can not only keep warm from the cold, but build up bones and muscles. What the elders in Quanzhou said about eating persimmon on the ground of frost is that it would avoid nose running. The explanation for this custom in some other places is that red persimmon must be eaten on this day, otherwise the lips will keep cracking during the whole winter. 

By this time, people in rural areas will climb tall persimmon tree and pick some beautiful and sweet persimmons to eat. Pieces of yellow leaves look like flowers in the dream, decorating the red persimmon as well. This picture of rural landscape in late autumn always reminds people unsophisticated and beautiful memories.

Health preserving

During frost's descent, health care is especially important. At this time the weather gradually becomes cooler, obviously drier, which could easily cause harm. First of all, we should pay attention to keeping warm. Secondly, we should prevent dryness hurting ourselves and do more exercise appropriately. In terms of food and nutrition, it is advisable to supplement gently in daily life, paying attention to strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach and regulating the liver and kidney. 

It's good to eat some food meeting the above requirement, such as maize, radish, sesame, chestnut, white fungus, autumn pear, honey, beef, chicken, loach, etc.

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