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Happy Chinese New Year 2019
Dec 29, 2018

New Year's Day (New Year) is the first day of the year, also known as the "new calendar year" and "the solar calendar year." New Year's Day is also known as the "three yuan", which is the yuan of the age, the yuan of the moon, and the yuan of time.

Happy Chinese New Year 2019

The "New Year's Day" mentioned today is the first plenary meeting of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference on September 27, 1949. While deciding to establish the People's Republic of China, it also decided to adopt the universal year of the AD method and the Gregorian calendar. On January 1st, it was officially designated as "New Year's Day", and the first day of the first lunar month was changed into "Spring Festival."

Since New Year's Day was started in the Republic of China and evolved from the Spring Festival, when Chinese just started celebrating New Year's Day, the customs and habits of its celebration are of course similar to the Spring Festival.

Every New Year's Day, every household will set off firecrackers, kill chickens and slaughter geese, and worship a family of gods after a family reunion.

Other countries' New Year's Day

For the children of Switzerland, they will choose the "Queen of Light" on the eve of New Year's Day, and then the Queen must wear a long white dress and a crown. On the first day of the New Year, the Queen will give gifts to each family and bring delicious food to the pets at home.

In Greece, New Year's Day has become a tradition, and they always go out carrying a stone, and when they enter the others’ house, they put the stone in the owner's house, they also impress a wish that the owner will earn more money than the stone in the New Year.

After the New Year's bell in the UK is ringing, they will open the door behind the house, meaning that the "old year" will be released, and then the front door will be closed after closing the back door. The corresponding meaning is to welcome the "New Year". In addition, sending New Year greeting cards is very popular in Britain, which has lasted for nearly two hundred years.

In Scotland, local people usually choose to write their own New Year songs while listening to poetry on New Year's Eve. They also need to ignite asphalt buckets and roll the barrels down the street, which means that they have sent the old year away and welcomed the New Year.

People in some places of Italy will throw a lot of old stuff out of the window, such as irons, tables, chairs, clothing, pots and pans, etc., on the night before New Year's Day, on the New Year's Day. Everything is burned with a fire, and it must be guaranteed that it cannot be extinguished all day.

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