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Happy Thanksgiving Day
Nov 22, 2018

1. Origin

Thanksgiving Day is a festival shared by the United States and Canada. The original intention is to thank God for the good harvest. In the United States, since 1941, Thanksgiving Day falls on the fourth Thursday of November each year, and will take two days off from this day. 


On this day, thousands of people reunite with their families no matter how busy they are. Thanksgiving Day is an ancient festival for the American people. It is also a festival for American people to gather together. Therefore, American people always feel very happy when mentioning Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the most authentic and American-style holiday in the United States, and it is related most closely to earlier American history.

2. Meaning

The main meaning of Thanksgiving is to tell us about the beauty of human nature. It can reflect gratitude from anything. Greetings to your parents, friends, and those who need help are gratitude. Let us learn to be grateful, to cherish, to understand and tolerate, and most importantly, learn to love. That is what life really gives us.

3. Activities

There was no fixed date for Thanksgiving earlier. It was decided by the each state temporarily. After the independence of the United States, Thanksgiving became a national holiday.

On this day, the whole country is a scene of bustle and excitement. Christians go to church and pray according to custom. There are costume parades, drama performances or sports competitions everywhere in towns. The relatives who have been separated for one year will also return home from outside, and the whole family will reunite and taste the Thanksgiving food based on “turkey”.

The most famous celebration in the United States is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which began in 1924. On this day, schools and shops are also on holiday. The children also imitated the previous Indians’ look, and they put on bizarre costumes, painted faces or put on masks to sing and blow the horns on the street. 

Family members who are staying in other places will also go home for the holidays. The family will sit together, chew the delicious turkey, and say to the family: "Thank you!" After Thanksgiving, the teachers will let the students draw a painting for Thanksgiving, most of the students are painting turkey.

In most families, there are some traditional games after dinner. Thanksgiving is a happy celebration, a day of family reunion, and a time to reunite friendship. On that day, the bachelor was always invited to others ‘home, sharing the joy of gratitude with everyone, and thanking God for the grace. This is also the meaning of Thanksgiving.

At last, we top chemical hereby express our greatest gratitude to every customers and friends. Wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!

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