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How To Apply Magnesium Hydroxide Flame Retardant In Adhesives
Jul 23, 2018

With the development of the polymer material industry, most of the polymer materials are easy to burn, and in many applications, in order to prevent fires, it is necessary to add a flame retardant to the polymer material, of course, it is also added in the binder. Flame retardant.

Magnesium hydroxide, as an important inorganic flame retardant, has many advantages such as good thermal stability and no precipitation. It is an environmentally friendly green flame retardant, so the choice of magnesium hydroxide as a flame retardant is effective. As the amount of flame retardant slurry increases, the self-extinguishing time and burning length will decrease, and the flame retardant performance will be improved, but the pressure-sensitive property of the adhesive will decrease.

The production of magnesium hydroxide flame retardant is developed by green chemical process, which is in line with our green chemical process and environmentally friendly development trend. Therefore, we should pay attention to the application of magnesium hydroxide flame retardant and become a promising flame retardant. Agent variety. Especially in the application of adhesives plays a very important role.

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