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Light Snow
Nov 22, 2018

Basic introduction

Light Snow is the 20th solar term. With entering the solar terms, the northwest winds are becoming popular in China's whole areas. The temperature are gradually dropping below 0 °C, but the land was not too cold. 


Although snow begin to fall, the amount of snow is not large, so it was called Light Snow. Early snow will appear in the north of the Yellow River, which reminds people to keep warm.

Farming activities

After the Little Snow Festival in the northern region, the fruit farmers began to prune the fruit trees, and wrapped the straw with grass and straw to prevent the fruit trees from being frozen. And people start to store vegetables. 

Vegetables are mostly stored by soil in winter, or in the cellar or buried in soil for convenient use. During this period, we must make preparation for fish pond to survive winter. Prepare the feed for large-scale livestock in advance to ensure the survival of the animals over the winter.

Dietary care

In northern of China, during the Light Snow, people generally eat instant-boiled mutton. The warm-up food that should be eaten during Light Snow include mutton, beef, chicken, etc. beneficial to kidney food that should be eaten such as cashew nuts, medlar, yam, chestnuts, ginkgo, walnuts, etc. 

After the Light Snow, some farmers began to make sausages and bacon, and enjoy the meal when the Spring Festival comes. In some area of the South, there is also a custom of eating glutinous rice cake in lunar October. 

It is a kind of food made by steaming and smashing glutinous rice. It is a popular in some areas of southern China. In ancient times, glutinous rice cake was a traditional festival sacrificial offerings in the southern region. 

It was first used by peasants to sacrifice the gods. Before and after the Light Snow, the Tujia Minority people will start their annual pig-killing activities, they will use fresh pork to cook Tujia traditional food “planing soup” at home to entertain friends and family and greet the New Year.

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