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Measures For Magnesium Hydroxide Leakage
Jul 23, 2018

Magnesium hydroxide is a chemical substance. Because it is an alkaline substance, once it leaks, it will cause certain harm to our human body. This requires us to make emergency measures for its leakage, so as to ensure our lives. Safety, and thus reduce the amount of loss, then what are the measures for magnesium hydroxide leakage?

1. Emergency personnel should wear gas-filled respirators, wear anti-static clothing, and wear rubber-resistant gloves to avoid direct contact or leakage.

2, the use of its equipment should be grounded, as far as possible to cut off the source of leakage.

3. Contain spills to prevent leakage from entering sewers, surface water and groundwater to avoid polluting the environment.

4. If it is a small amount of leakage, collect the leaked liquid in a closable container as much as possible, absorb it with sand, activated carbon or other inert materials, and transfer it to a safe place. Do not rush into the sewer.

5. If there is a large amount of leakage, we should construct a dike or digging pit to contain the drainage pipe, then cover it with foam, suppress evaporation, and then transfer it to the tank truck or special collector with an explosion-proof pump, and recycle or transport it to the waste disposal site. Dispose of.

6. During the operation, the warning zone shall be demarcated according to the influence area of liquid flow, steam or dust diffusion, and the unrelated personnel shall evacuate from the crosswind and the upwind to the safe zone.

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