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The Double Ninth Festival
Oct 17, 2018

The Double Ninth Festival is one of the most important Chinese traditional festivals. Because it’s the time of the ninth day in the ninth lunar month, so, we call it is the double ninth festival.

In the ancient China, Chinese people had the custom of the climbing the mountain to appreciate chrysanthemums, drinking chrysanthemum wine in the Double Ninth Festival.


Now , we add the meaning of respect elderly to it, therefore, it has also been declared China's day for the elderly. In the festival, the younger generation of many families accompany the elder on the trip to the suburb or prepare some delicious food for them. Nowadays, the climb the mountain to appreciate chrysanthemums and respect for the elder are the two main topics in the Double festival day.

The history of the double ninth festival began in ancient China, in the Tang dynasty, it  was formally established as a folk festival and continued to this day. In the folk concept, “nine" has the same pronunciation as the Chinese character "jiu" which stands for "a longtime" , and is the biggest single figure.Therefore it indicates longevity. It brings people's wishes for the health and longevity of the old people. In the Korea, the mainly customs activities includes eat Fried, cauliflower,play Fried games and fly a kite in the festival.

In the Japanese,Japanese will to hold a Chrysanthemum convention and exhibition.

In the America, there are all kinds of chrysanthemums in the flower shop to sell and some pastry shops sell double ninth cakes. Many Chinese communities hold a banquet for the elderly and volunteer to visit and help the elderly in the elder community.

Top chemical sincerely wish you a happy life.

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