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What Is The Trend Of Magnesium Hydroxide Price?
Jul 23, 2018

Magnesium hydroxide is an important raw material in industrial production. Then its price is believed to be a concern for everyone. Let's analyze what its price trend is.

Because the domestic market supply is limited, in view of the current market supply, under the pressure of environmental protection, domestic enterprises have been controlling production capacity during production, which has also led to tighter inventory levels, resulting in price increases. Despite this, individual dealers will give some discounts on the price in order to increase sales. Upstream raw materials, rising downstream prices, and growing exports have supported the rise in magnesium hydroxide prices. The increasing cost of logistics costs has also increased the cost pressure of magnesium hydroxide enterprises.

It can be seen that the price will increase due to the imbalance between market supply and demand, but this is also the trend of sound development of the market. Therefore, most users are still happy to accept.

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