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  • High Purity Magnesium Hydroxide for Heat Shrinkable Tube

    Magnesium hydroxide flame retardant for Heat shrinkable tube
    Magnesium hydroxide is an important halogen-free flame retardant. It has the advantages of no dripping, no carbonization, non volatilization, no exudation, and no secondary pollution to the environment.
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  • High Purity Magnesium Hydroxide for Engineering Plastic

    Magnesium hydroxide flame retardant for engineer plastic
    The magnesium hydroxide flame retardant can be added to a small amount of PA or PVC thermal conductive material to reach V0 grade, and when the finished product is ignited, the smoke is small, odorless and anti...
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  • High Purity Magnesium Hydroxide for Cables

    Magnesium hydroxide flame retardant for Cable
    Low somke halogen free no toxic flame retardant magnesium hydroxide for cable,UL-94 V0 and smoke suppressant.Preferred products for flame retardant cables.And it is cheaper than other halogen-free flame retardants.
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  • Fuel Gas Desulfurization Brucite Magnesium Hydroxide

    Desulphurization efficiency of magnesium hydroxide is 95~98%;20% cost savings for the whole investment;Lower equipment corrosion; By product can be sold.consumption of magnesium hydroxide is around 40% of CaCO3 for removing same quantity SO2.
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  • Wastewater Treatment Brucite Magnesium Hydroxide

    With simple process, low cost, and easy to implement, Magnesium hydroxide is an economical choice. And also it is uneasy for deposition; good liquidity, convenient transportation by pump and easy storage.
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  • Magnesium Hydroxide Uses for Aluminum Composite Panel

    Activation degree is high, reduce costs and smoke, the compatibility and dispersibility can be improved, The particle size distribution is uniform.
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  • MgOH2 Aluminum Hydroxide Compound Flame Retardant

    Magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide compound flame retardant, with the synergistic flame retardant effect, can improve 10%-30% flame retardant effect, and reduce the smoke density obviously. Compare with the individual flame retardant, it's more efficient, more...
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  • PVC Flame Retardant Masterbatch

    PVC cable material special for network cable is processed through particular mixing refining device. It is a PVC cable material with high flame-retardant performance, which has excellent heat resistant and oxidation-resistant properties.
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  • Magnesium Oxide In Petroleum Catalyst

    Magnesium oxide can be used as catalyst directly or as a carrier, which can improve the adsorption of water vapor and hydrogen sulfide. To ensure the pH and the suspension of the drilling mud, magnesium oxide can be used as pH Regulator, which will not only reduce costs, but...
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  • High Purity Magnesium Hydroxide for EPDM

    Magnesium hydroxide flame retardant for EPDM
    More environmentally friendly and cost saving than other flame retardants.MDH not only can achieve a good flame retardant effect, but also can not affect the physical properties of the material.
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  • Smoke Suppressant Brucite Magnesium Hydroxide

    Significantly accelerate the rate of weight loss and improve the material's oxygen index and char yield.Environmental friendly; High efficiency;
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  • PE Flame Retardant Masterbatch

    Cost-efficient. The price is 30% lower than the core materials of fireproof aluminum composite panels in the market, which increases the core competence.
    Product Upgrading. The ordinary panels can be upgraded to Grade-B fireproof panels, which meet the national...
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